WMI Logistics Inc provides a full range of startup-friendly fulfillment services, including budget-friendly batch shipping for product launches,promotional programs, and crowdfunding rewards.


        WMI Logistics Inc is also a few small business-friendly solutions that operates a fulfillment warehouses that puts your products within a one- tothree-day delivery time to most US locations.

        WMI Logistics Inc combines order packing and shipping costs into a single fulfillment fee." This is quoted based on the products you sell,average order size, and overall order volumes.

        WMI Logistics Inc charges economic fees for storage and inventory receipts, but to get a complete idea of WMl's costs, you'll need to requesta quote.

WMI Warehouse Fulfillment Services & Costs

Fulfillment Service WMI Fee
Onboarding Free
Inbound Shipping Discounts through WMl's common carriers
Receiving $30 per received shipment, or hourly for containers
Monthly Storage $5 per bin, $10 per shelf, $30 per pallet; billed monthly
Order Pick & Pack Quoted together with shipping fees
Outbound Shipping Quoted based on average order size, weight, and overall volume
Returns No charge for returns processing and restocking
Specialty Kitting Product kitting and subscription box assembly per quote
Batch Fulfillment Batch fulfillment services priced on a per-project basis
WMI Fulfillment Warehouse Features

WMl's account minimum of 100 orders per month is accessible for low-volume sellers. Even if your volume isn't there yet, don't hesitateto call. WMI is happy to discuss fulfillment needs for startups and growing businesses. Another startup-friendly feature is simple integrations with top ecommerce platforms, seller marketplaces, and even crowdfunding systems.

WMl's features and services include:

  • Quick delivery

    WMI operates your stock for optimal shipping times and costs by a visibility solution.

  • Simple platforms integrations

    WMI takes care of connecting to your sales via direct integrations with top ecommerce platforms and seller marketplaces. Plus, it provides a client portal for real-time reporting on inventory levels and order status. (shipstation and cargowise )

  • Scalability

    WMI helps you control costs by adding storage and personnel to your account to meet increased sales demand,or quickly shift them away if sales are slow.

  • Order accuracy

    WMI has stock tracking, item scanning, and internal tracking technologies to ensure items are stockedcorrectly and pulled and packed accurately.

  • Specialty services

    WMI leads the pack in batch fulfillment services for product launches and crowdfunding campaigns, and italso offers specialty kitting, subscription box support, and other packing services for added fees.

Data Points to Determine the Best Order Fulfillment Company for Your E-commerce Business

  • 1.Product Weight and Size

    What are the physical attributes of the products my company sells?

    Most of the eCommerce packages shipped today are under 10 pounds. Check the weight of your average order. If you sell silk scarves,your average weight might be less than 1 pound. In that case, a fulfillment warehouse that specializes in shipping small orders is thebest choice for you. If you sell heavy or bulky items, you need a different kind of fulfillment provider. You need one that knows how tosafely store, pick,pack and ship larger orders.

  • 2.Order Volume

    How many packages do I ship per month?

    For startups with low order volume, the best fulfillment service for you is one without monthly minimums. If you ship a high volume oforders, the monthly minimum order requirements of a larger fulfillment operation could be a plus. They could be an indication that thesecompanies are well-equipped to manage your large order volume.

  • 3.Inventory Breadth

    How many unique SKUs do I sell?

    The ratio of how many different items you sell to the number of orders you ship per month is called SKU breadth. Some fulfillmentwarehouses have a maximum SKU-to-order ratio. Even those without a strict requirement may want to assess your SKU breadth.

WMI Logistics Inc is an ideal fulfillment warehouse solution for startups as well as product launches and crowdfunding
campaigns. It's also a solid solution for most small businesses.